Why Remodel?

Home remodeling can be done for any number of reasons, but there are a few significant reasons why homeowners in Washington DC are putting money aside to renovate their homes.

Adding value to your home

For a lot of people, remodeling is a calculated move that is meant to enhance the value of their home so they get more money when they sell their home. The latest trend is for larger remodeling investments as homeowners recognize the chance to increase their return on investment when they sell their home. It should come as no surprise that homes with out-of-date bath and kitchens are much more difficult to sell and can remain on the market for a long period of time. Then again a higher resale value is not the only explanation why a homeowner would decide to renovate their home.

Investing in your home

Many homeowners these days are deciding to remodel their current homes instead of sell them off to shop for better homes. A lot of it probably has to do with the recession, whose consequences will continue to be felt for a while. Just the amount of time you save and stress you avoid by remaining in your present home can make it a more attractive option in the end. Homeowners that decide on home remodeling also tend to be more satisfied at the end of the day since they remain in what is more familiar to them.

When it’s necessary

Sometimes, remodeling your home is necessary, such as when you need to make more living space for your growing family. You may also need to increase your closet space to increase your storage area or make more practical use of the available space. After the kids move out empty nesters often decide to repurpose their kids rooms. Green renovation is another growing phenomenon that comes with tax breaks and rebates, in addition to slashing your energy costs and increasing your home value.

Washington DC Remodeling Contractors
Washington DC Remodeling Contractors
Washington DC Remodeling Contractors

Washington DC Remodeling Services:

Home Additions

Many homeowners love their current location. For whatever reason you just need more room, or a better use of space.

Making substantial home improvements, such as adding a room or garage, could make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your home and in its value, as well.

By combining your ideas with our knowledge and ingenuity, we will build an end-product that will fulfill your functional requirements and your aesthetic objectives, too. Our design-build capacities exceed all industry standards. We are committed to developing the best new homes and home additions in the area. We have strict standards of professionalism, and accept nothing but the best from our pros. We will take care of every aspect of your renovation project from start to finish.


Worn cabinets, dated appliances and cracked countertops are all indications that you may need to think about kitchen remodeling, but there are countless other reasons to update your kitchen’s look. The efficiency with which you use your kitchen floor plan is always worth considering. While a gorgeous kitchen is nice, it should also be one of the most functional rooms in the home. If you wish to accomplish this you have to take many different elements into consideration.

Lighting is another critical detail in any kitchen. If you are not getting adequate light you might consider moving the windows to allow more sunlight.

Small children or a growing family in general can increase the needs of the kitchen and lead to required renovation. Sometimes an outdated kitchen can even be a safety hazard for little children if it included older appliances and outdated designs. An open kitchen plan would also be appropriate if you enjoy entertaining, allowing for greater interactions between rooms. You may also want to renovate your kitchen as you grow older to make it less dangerous for you and others.

When talking with real estate agents they will all agree that out of every room in the house the kitchen makes the biggest impact on home buying decisions. This means that a gorgeous kitchen is likely to be the difference between a immediate sale and a home that lingers on the market. If you decide to renovate your kitchen the first step is to make a list of all the items that you want to fix, and their priority as well. Sometimes due to budgetary concerns you cannot make all of the changes that you want to make that is why you need decide beforehand which things to prioritize.


Since more homeowners are remaining in their homes longer, bathroom upgrading is becoming more common simply because issues arise that eventually need fixing. Staring at the same dated look, and chipped tiles first thing in the morning day after day can ultimately get to anyone. In addition, damaged fixtures and anything else that drips water can result in bigger issues such as mold, and that is something you surely don’t want to deal with.

Having an updated, recently renovated bathroom can positively influence a prospective buyers decision when viewing your home. This means that investing in remodeling your bathroom could really help your home close faster, and in the majority of cases, you also get to recuperate a good portion of your original investment. However, many people today remodel their bathrooms merely to change its current appearance or create their own oasis. When you want to relax from a hectic day a custom built bath tub or shower can have a huge impact on your ability to relax.

Washington DC Remodeling Contractors
Washington DC Remodeling Contractors
Washington DC Remodeling Contractors


If you are fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, that suggests you have quite a bit of unfinished real estate at your disposal, and you should make the most of it. Basement finishing actually ranks right up there with bathroom and kitchen renovating in increasing your home’s resale value as well as making it more enticing to prospective buyers. The potential functional and creative uses of your basement are countless, and in comparison to other traditional areas in your home, the basement offers the greatest usage options and can even be used as a multi-purpose area. Since the space already exists, you might as well put it to use instead of wasting it.

Get professional help

Renovating a basement can be a daunting task because in most cases it involves a lot of processes including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall insulation and flooring. This is why, when it comes to basement renovation as with all significant remodeling projects that you should only work with reputable remodeling contractors. Even so, this is one of the best kept secrets in space expansion and results in significant advantages from a financial perspective as well as enhancing your quality of life.

Countertop choices

When upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider the features that will give you the greatest value for your investment. Your countertops are one such component, and the good news is that they come in as many colors, materials and finishes as you can imagine. Countertops are produced in a wide variety of alternatives. Recently the more popular choices include glass, granite, wood, butcher block, cambria, marble, concrete, corian, soapstone, and laminate.

You can make your countertop choice much less difficult by considering a number of factors, including durability, clean-up and maintenance. You also need to ensure that the countertop you choose will complement your design preferences. Once you have found the balance between function and form, your final decision is in regards to your renovation budget. Marble is a sure winner among countertops, but its cost may not fit all budgets. Granite is a close second, while concrete and wood offer much more reasonably priced yet naturally attractive alternatives.

Leave it to the pros

No matter which area of your home you want to renovate, it is important to work with experts. You need a fully licensed & bonded contractor. Not only will they ensure that you get the more return for your investment, but you will be able to relax. Professional contractors will discuss your ideas with you in detail and offer the technical advice, design concepts and product solutions you may need.

If you have a remodeling project in mind, Renovations & Designs is here to handle all facets from design to implementation. We are proud to serve the DC Metro area. We have the skills and experience to help guarantee your home remodeling project is successful, and will offer any advice you may need when making the difficult decisions that could make all the difference in giving your home a fresh new look.

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Washington DC Remodeling Contractors

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